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Digital Signature Certificate

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a secure and legally recognized electronic signature that serves as a digital equivalent of a handwritten signature. It ensures the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents, making it a crucial component of secure and paperless transactions in today's digital age. Our Digital Signature Certificate service offers individuals and businesses the means to securely sign, authenticate, and encrypt digital documents and communications.

  1. Legal Validity: Our DSCs are issued in compliance with the Information Technology Act, making them legally valid and equivalent to physical signatures.

  2. Document Integrity: Ensure that your electronic documents remain tamper-proof with the use of digital signatures, safeguarding against unauthorized changes.

  3. User Authentication: DSCs also serve as a means of authenticating the identity of the signatory, enhancing trust and security in online transactions.

  4. Broad Usage: DSCs can be used for various applications, including e-filing of income tax returns, e-Tendering, e-Procurement, and online legal documentation.

  5. User-Friendly: Our DSCs are easy to use, with the option to sign documents directly on your computer, smartphone, or other digital devices.

  6. Different Classes: We offer different classes of DSCs, each suited to various purposes, from basic email encryption to high-level document authentication.

Relax don't worry. This is an online process. You just focus on your work and leave the rest to us. 

  • Class 3 
  • Class 3 with Signing +Encryption
  • DGFT
  • Foreigner
  • Purchase the plan.
  • Shear Document
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card


It usually takes only 10 Minuets to approval, and 2 working days for delivery.

Class 3 ₹ 999/-Only 

Class 3 with Signing +Encryption ₹ 2,500/-Only 

DGFT ₹ 1,500/-Only 

Foreigner ₹ 2,500/-Only 

Why Choose Our Digital Signature Certificate Service?

  • Security: Ensure the highest level of document security and integrity with our trusted DSCs.

  • Legal Compliance: Our certificates meet all legal requirements, ensuring your documents are legally valid.

  • Convenience: Easily sign and encrypt documents digitally, saving time and reducing the need for physical paperwork.

  • Versatility: DSCs can be used in various industries, from government and legal to finance and business.

  • Reliability: Count on our service for consistent and reliable digital signatures for your documents.

Who Can Benefit from Our DSC Service?

  1. Individuals: Use DSCs for secure e-filing of income tax returns and other personal documentation.

  2. Businesses: Streamline your operations by using DSCs for secure contracts, tenders, and financial transactions.

  3. Legal and Financial Professionals: Ensure the authenticity of legal documents and financial transactions.

  4. Government Agencies: Utilize DSCs for secure and legally recognized e-governance services.


Our Digital Signature Certificate service empowers individuals and businesses to conduct secure and legally valid electronic transactions. Whether you’re a professional, a business owner, or a government agency, our DSCs offer a robust and trusted solution for digitally signing, authenticating, and encrypting your electronic documents. Embrace the convenience, security, and legality of digital signatures with our DSC service.

What Is Individual DSC? Uses of Digital Signature & How It Works.

Digital Signature Certificate has now become a prominent digital tool for the signing of personal or essential documents, records, and forms. As more digital or digitally driven utilities are being implemented in the business processes, accelerating personal or office work, the chances of impersonation of personal data are also at high risk.

Digital certificates play an important role in securing our personal records from any cyber hazard or forgery, data stealing, or alteration. Several professionals including CA/CS, Advocates, Lawyers, Doctors or Employed Persons, or any authorized entity use a Digital Signing Certificate to perform safe and secure signing of electronic documents with their Individual DSC. Let us further discuss the utilities and applications of Class 3 Digital Signature for an Individual.


Which Class of DSC to Buy?

There is only one class of DSC to buy now after 2021. Only Class-3 DSC is available to purchase for both individuals and organizations. Renewals or new sales of Class 2 are discontinued.

Class-3 DSC (Only Signing) is widely accepted for most purposes like Income Tax, GST, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, EPFO, Director’s eKYC, registering new business on the MCA portal, Import Export Code, Signing invoices (Tally or Zoho Books), EPFO, etc.

To Submit Tenders Online, Government eProcurement, or IceGate/AD Code Registration applicants have to use Class-3 with Signing & Encryption (Combo) for submitting bids to the tender portal if TIA requires so.

Paperless Steps to Buy DSC Online.

Step 1: Enter the applicant’s name, phone, and email, and make payment.

Step 2: Receive an automatic e-mail with a link to open the CA Portal (eMudhra or Capricorn).

Step 3: Create a KYC ID / PIN or use an existing KYC ID.

Step 4: Upload a PAN Card, Proof of Address, and a passport-size photo. For Class 3, additional documents must be uploaded.

Step 5: Record the Video using a phone or laptop. Read the statement shown on the screen.

Step 6: The Certifying Authority will approve and issue a Digital Signature Certificate (eMudhra or Capricorn).

Step 7: Download DSC and store it on a USB cryptographic token such as ePass2003-Auto.

​How to Record Video for DSC?

Open the e-mail received for video recording on your smartphone or computer.
  • Record video using the camera on a smartphone or computer.
  • Read the statement shown on screen – loud and clear.
  • Show documents to camera – original PAN Card and Address Proof for Normal DSC (Authority Letter Also in Encrypted/Organisation DSC)
  • Applicant’s face must be visible
  • The duration of the video will be for 30 seconds
Video Recording has been enabled with an extra 4 languages (Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam), in addition to Hindi & English.

List of Documents Required for Foreign Individuals

1. A scanned copy of ID Proof issued by the local government.

2. A scanned copy of a valid Address Proof.

3. Personal Contact Details of the applicant.

4. E-Mail, Mobile, and Video Verification of the applicant.


List of Documents Required for Foreign Individuals

1. A scanned copy of employee ID proof of the applicant or authorized signatory.

2. Scanned copy of Organization Address Proof.

3. Scanned copy of the Organization Authorization Letter.

4. Scanned copy of the Registration/Incorporation Document.

5. Applicant and Organization details.

6. E-mail, Mobile, and video Verification of the Applicant.

Advantages of Applying Class 3 DSC for Foreign Individuals & Organisations

Several benefits can be derived from using a Class 3 DSC, Some benefits related to its usage are mentioned below :

DSC ensures a high level of security and safety for your data.

It digitally affirms your identity at any government portal.

It facilitates the processes of filing income tax returns, e-tenders, and participating in e-auctions and other services.

DSC can digitally sign any documents/forms in bulk numbers from anywhere and anytime while saving time, cost, and effort.

It helps you to establish the ownership of a domain.

The foreign DSC safeguards entities against cyber threats.

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