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Embracing Copyright Protection in India: Safeguarding Creativity and Innovation

Copyright protection in India is a robust legal framework that goes beyond safeguarding artistic works; it nurtures creativity, fosters innovation, and ensures creators’ rights are respected. In this exploration, we unveil the manifold advantages of copyright protection in India, highlighting its pivotal role in empowering creators and advancing the realms of literature, art, music, and technology.

Copyright is another kind of intellectual property protection like trademark and patents. Copyright registration is done as per the Copyright Act, 1957. You become a legal owner of your creative work regarding books, paintings, music, website, etc. Copyright registration with authority secures the creative work of the author that cannot be copied. Original or Copyright materials are not allowed to use without the permission of the author or creator for any commercial use. The author can charge others for using his work or changing it or can even sue the opponent. Copyrights registration protects the rights of the inventor from infringement of any kind. In India, Copyright gives its owner exclusive, individual distribution rights, permission to replicate, reproduce the work, or authorize another entity. It offers many rights – communication to the public, reproduction rights, adaptation, and translation of the work in any language. However, ideas, procedures, modus operandi or mathematical concepts cannot be copyrighted.

Relax don't worry. This is an online process. You just focus on your work and leave the legal intricacies to us.

  • Session with EYC Expert
  • Filing of Application for Copyright
  • Follow up till you secure the approval
  • Purchase of Plan
  • Expert Assigned
  • Upload documents on vault
  • Application filed with IPR Authority
  • Follow up with Authority
  • Approval Letter
  1. Name, Address & Nationality of the Candidate – ID proof
  2. NOC from the publisher if work published and publisher is different from the applicant.
  3. Search Certificate from Trade Mark Office (TM -60) if any
  4. NOC from a person whose photograph appears on the work.
  5. Power of Attorney
  6. 2 Copies of work
  7. KYC of author
  8. DD/IPO of Rupees per work ((as applicable)
  9. NOC from the author if the candidate is different from the author.

It usually takes 6 to 12 months, depending upon government approval.

₹ 11,999/-Only

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