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Government licenses for businesses serve as regulatory tools that ensure companies operate within established legal frameworks. These licenses are typically required for specific types of business activities and industries. While they may involve some administrative burden and compliance responsibilities, they offer a range of benefits to both businesses and society as a whole. Here’s a comprehensive description of the benefits of government licenses for businesses:

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  • Certificate in PDF Format
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  • Purchase the plan
  • Share the documents/details as requested by us.
  • We shall prepare the documents as required & get signed by you.
  • Prepare the form as applicable & file it.
  1. Name, Contact Number, and Email ID. 
  2. Self-attested PAN, Aadhar.
  3. Specimen Signatures 
  4. Brief description of the main business activities of the proposed Company.
  5. Other supporting documents.

Different time frames for each license.


Start From Just ₹ 999/-Only

Most Important Licenses

Startup India Registration. 4999/-
GST Registration. 1999/-
APEDA Registration. 1999/-
12A and 80G Registration. 11999/-
PT (Professional Tax) Registration. 1999/-
GEM (Government e-Marketplace) Registration. 1999/-
Udyam (MSME) Registration. 499/-
NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) Registration. 4999/-
IEM (Industrial Entrepreneurs Memorandum) Registration. 3999/-
IEC (Import Export Code) Registration. 1999/-
Preparation and filing of GST returns. 9999/- (For 12 Months).
PF (Provident Fund) & ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation) Registration. 2499/-
Food License ( FSSAI Registration). 4999/-
Trade Marks Registration.2999/-
MOA and AOA Amendments. 3499/-
Adding or Removal of Directors. 2499/-
GST (Letter of Undertaking) LUT Registration1999/-
e-Anudaan (Grants-In-Aids To NGOS). 1999/-
CSR-01 Form (For getting CSR funding).. 2499/-
NGO DARPAN Registration (maintained by NITI Aayog). 2499/-
Digital Signature (Class-3) For 2 Years.. 999/-
CE REGISTRATION (Conformite Europeenne, conformity with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards on commercial products).. 9999/- ( For Three Years)

Government licenses for businesses are essential tools for maintaining order, protecting public interests, and fostering economic growth. While they may involve some regulatory burdens, their benefits in terms of consumer protection, quality assurance, and legal compliance make them vital components of a well-functioning business ecosystem. Businesses that operate with the necessary licenses not only contribute to societal well-being but also enhance their own credibility and competitiveness in the market.

Other Services

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems Start From . 999/- (For Three Years)

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