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The Kolaba District

Gazetteer gives Pen’s history as follows. In historical times Pen was under the rule of the Sahara of Shri Sthanak (Thana) from the 9th to the 12th Century and subsequently, it passed under the control of the Yadavas. When Shayastakhan was sent against Sivaji, a detachment of the Moghal army had been kept at Pen but he subsequently routed it. Parvatibai, the wife of Sadasivrav Bhau, the hero of Panipat. In 1819 the easy communication with Bombay and with the Deccan by the Bor pass made Pen an important center. Its chief prosperity lay in its salt beds. There was a considerable export of rice to Bombay. A number of carved stones about the town appear to belong to an unusually large temple of about the thirteenth or fourteenth century.

Portfolio Image of Shiwaji Maharaj

During the period of The Shilahar kings, many temples of goddesses were built, including the Jagdumba of Vashi. In the period of Chalukyas, grand temples of Shiva, like Rameshwar(रामेश्वर), Pataneshwar(पाटणेश्वर), Goteshwar(गोटेश्वर) and Vyaghreshwar(व्याघ्रेश्वर)were constructed.

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