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“Company Policies at EYC International”

Starting December 1st, 2022, our updated privacy policy will be applied to all EYC International websites, blogs, products, and services. The policy follows the same format as this summary and is a legally binding document.

At EYC International, we take your privacy seriously. We have never and will never sell your personal information to third parties for advertising purposes. We also have no intention of making money by displaying ads from other companies. This has been our policy for nearly Two years, and we remain committed to it. We want you to know what kind of information we collect from you, who has access to it, what we use it for, and what options you have. Our privacy commitment is to keep you informed and secure.

Our Privacy Policy

Part I – Information EYC International collects and controls

We at EYC International collect information necessary for our work, and most of it is actively provided by you when you register for our services, ask for work to be done, or make queries. We store your name and KYC information for our records, but we do not store your credit card numbers. When you use our service or visit our website, we automatically log certain information, such as how you came to our website, which pages you visited, and the features and settings you used. This information is used to improve our services and for new service development. We also receive information indirectly. If you inquire about our services through referral programs or reselling partners like LinkedIn or Google, they’ll pass on your contact information to us, which we’ll use to fulfill your request. Additionally, if you interact with us on social media, we’ll have access to your public profile information and any interactions you’ve had with us. We store this information in our database and will have access to it as long as we keep our data saved, even if you later remove it from the social media site.

What did we do with your information?

We collect and use your information to provide the services you requested and to manage your accounts with EYC International. We may also use your information to communicate with you about your current services, customer support queries, new services that we think you may be interested in, policy updates, and opportunities for feedback. We analyze your information to understand your needs and improve our services. We only collect and process your information if we have a legal right to do so. Usually, we will do this with your consent or when we need the information to provide the service you requested. In other cases, we may need to demonstrate a legal basis, such as our legitimate business interests. You have the right to decline to provide certain types of information, and you can opt out of certain uses of your information. You can also disable cookies to prevent your browser from sharing information with us, but this may affect some features of our website. We do not use third-party cookies on any of our websites or products. We limit access to your personal information to our employees and contractors who need it to provide you with our services. If we share your information with other parties, such as developers, service providers, domain registrars, or reselling partners, they must have appropriate security measures in place and a valid reason for using your information. If you live in the European Economic Area (EEA), you have certain rights concerning your personal information, such as the right to access, restrict processing, erase, data portability, rectify, and object. EYC International will provide you with these same rights, regardless of where you live. We will store your personal information only for as long as we need it to provide the services you requested or as required by law. When we no longer need your information, we will delete, anonymize, or isolate it, whichever is appropriate.

Part II – Information that EYC International processes on your behalf

When you use EYC International’s apps to handle other people’s data (such as information about your customers or employees), you’re entrusting that data to us for processing. If you’re using one of our mobile apps and you give it access to your contacts and photo library, you’re also entrusting data to us. We refer to the data or files you provide us for processing as client data. Your service data, which you own for work purposes, is protected by us using all of our resources. We limit access to it and only process it according to your instructions. You can access it, share it through third-party integrations, and request that we export or delete it. We store the data in your account for as long as you continue to use EYC International Services. Once you terminate your account, we automatically delete your data from our active database within six months and from our backups within three months after that. If you’re in the European Economic Area and you believe that someone has entrusted your information to us for processing (for example, your employer or a company whose services you use), you have the right to request specific actions from us about your data. To exercise those data rights or engage in legal action, please contact the person or company that entrusted the data to us. We will inform you about your data source and work with them on your request. Please note that we won’t be able to answer every employee of a particular company.

Part III – General

We understand that there are some limitations to the privacy we can provide you with. In certain situations, we may need to disclose your personal information to authorities. However, we will only do so if it is necessary to comply with a legal obligation, prevent fraud, enforce an agreement, or protect the safety of our users. Please note that we do not currently honor ‘Do Not Track’ signals from random internet browsers. However, we will follow a universal standard for processing them if one emerges in the future. It’s important to keep in mind that third-party websites and social media widgets have separate privacy policies that differ from ours. Before sharing personal information with marketing websites, please check their relevant privacy policy to ensure that they won’t sell your data to various parties, including us. If you have any questions about our privacy practices, you can always reach out to EYC International. We can provide you with more information about our privacy policy practices, help you request a GDPR, or remove your information from our websites, blogs, knowledge base, or forums. You can also review our Privacy Policy & Security Policy. We will notify you if we make any significant changes to our privacy policy or if we decide to sell our business (which is highly unlikely).

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